our story

our story

The SASAYA CAFE story began 240 years ago from today.

Our family started producing starch syrup in Nihonbashi in 1782, and later, we moved to this Yokokawa area for expanding the business.

Ohyokokawa Water Park located just in front of our cafe, used to be a river named Ohyokokawa, and we used it for shipping the product until around 1940s.

After shutting down the syrup factory in late 1950s, we restarted the business using the factory buildings as warehouse storages.

In 2012, after 230 years of our foundation, Tokyo Skytree opened as a new landmark of Tokyo in our neighborhood community. None of our original factory buildings exist today; however, we are still running warehouse business while renovating the property and opening a theater and a gallery space for art performances and theatrical workshops. SASAYA CAFE is very spacious with high ceiling which made for a pleasant and relaxing experience, and it opened its doors in 2013 and has been serving delicious wholesome vegan food without compromising quality.


At SASAYA CAFE, we would like to share delicious, fresh, wholesome,
plant-based food and dessert menus composed of high quality natural and traditional ingredients.
We work with domestic farmers who deliver organic, pesticide-free produce whenever possible.

We believe our healthy plant-based food with no chemical seasonings energizes and delights our customers whether they are vegans or not.
Enjoy eating the veggie way!

[プラスチックゴミ削減について] Reducing Plastic

[Reducing Plastic]

SASAYA CAFE has started to reduce the use of single-use plastic products such as straws, plastic bags and drink cups. If you do not need plastic lids for your to-go-cups, please let us know. Also we recommend you to bring your own eco-friendly bags.

[バリアフリー] Barrier-Free


Wheelchair friendly & strollers are welcome. We also have a diaper changing table and a nursing space.

*For parents with babies & small children*

No outside food or drink allowed. Baby foods and kids menu are available.
Please do not deposit or leave used diapers at restrooms.
For safety reasons and for the concerns of others, please do not let children run around at cafe.


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